Tips for a Successful Beekeeping Startup Business

If there's one insect in the world that does so much for so little, it's the bee. Bees are very useful for many products and by-products and as such, are ideal for a business. If you're looking to start a beekeeping business, here are some important information you can use for your startup:

Learn about beekeeping.
Never go into a business you don't understand. Beekeeping needs a few specialized skills and knowledge, particularly because you will be dealing with a live source of your products. You should, for example, know how bee containers are designed for maximum use and production. You should also be able to know what harvesting entails, what types of products you can expect and how to process these products.

Most importantly, you should learn how to handle bees. You need to understand their nature, how they behave, what they like, how they thrive and how to protect them.

Scout for a location.
Location is crucial to the success of your beekeeping startup business. Ideal locations should be shady (have sufficient trees and shrubs with nearby flower beds or fields) and flat. In some areas, beekeeping is considered illegal. It's important to get in touch with a local agency to find out if the area you want to build your business in is legally zoned.

If you want to look for locations that allow beehives, check with a beekeeping organization in your area or a nationally-affiliated group. They can guide you about locations that you can consider. When it comes to the area, you can buy or rent.

Find a bee supplier.
Bees are sold by container. Containers weigh around 1 kilogram to 2 kilograms. A one-kilogram container will contain around 9,000 bees. Try to purchase your bees during the early months of the year. By March or April, your supplier should be able to ship them out to you, most likely through postal service. You'll probably have to pick up the bees yourself.

Maintain a number of colonies.
The number of colonies you have will depend on how many of you will be taking care of the bees. For every 500 to 1000 bee colonies, you'll need one beekeeper who has sufficient knowledge about the operation. If you want more bee colonies, make sure you have trained beekeepers working for you.

Buy the right supplies.
Purchase containers where the queen bees will be kept, along with the frame where the hive will be housed. If you know how to handle these bees carefully, you should have no problems regarding their transport and transfer. Some equipment you will need include:

- hives or wooden frames
- fume boards
- feeders
- queen excluders
- screens
- vehicles for transport
- brush
- smoker
- coveralls (preferably white), gloves and hat with veil

The main product from a beekeeping business is honey. If you're a startup, this is probably the most important thing you must know how to handle other than the bees themselves. You'll need equipment for extraction and processing, which will include the extractor, some sieves and a settling tank.

If you're starting a beekeeping business, you'll be glad to know that the main product – which is honey – has excellent storage qualities. It doesn’t spoil easily and is a very versatile product to process and sell. It also has a high demand, provided, of course that you know how and where to market it.

Given a good location, sufficient knowledge and good management practices, there's no reason why your beekeeping startup business shouldn't succeed.



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