Private Investors for Startup Small Business

Private investors for startup small businesses may not be a dime in a dozen these days, but if you’ve truly a worthwhile idea for business to propose then there’s nothing to worry about. Speak the right words at the right time and place to the right person and you can get yourself some takers!

How to Find Potential Private Investors for Small Businesses
When looking for potential investors, it’s important to remember how critical each and every opportunity is that comes your way. Also, don’t underestimate but don’t take unreasonable risks either. If you know you’ve got a genuine money-making opportunity in your hands, there’s no need to be desperate.

Personal Network
Your personal network is made up of family, friends, and close colleagues. All these may be able to refer a name or two so take the time to explain your situation and ask for their help. This isn’t the time for stubborn pride or inhibitions.

Scour the business news for mentions of well-known entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and the likes. The type of business you’d propose may not be in league with the kind of projects they commonly involve their selves in, but there’s no harm in trying, is there?

If there’s no way for you to reach potential private investors then try doing it the other way around. Make them come to you instead by advertising. Of course, you’ll need to pick the right vehicles for approaching them. Mere classifieds won’t be enough. Give a hint or two to your bank manager, offer compensation in exchange for a little help, and there’s sure to be a little bird able to whisper to the right ears about your business proposal.

What to Say to Potential Private Investors for Startup Small Businesses
Getting an appointment with a potential private investor is just the beginning. The next step is harder…and more important. You need to convince them to risk their money by investing in your proposed business. To do that, you need to focus on the factors listed below.

Products or Services
To know thy product (service) is to know thy business. Ultimately, everything will come down to what you’re selling. You need to know every feature of your product or service, how it fares against the competition, what its main attraction is to your market, and what could enable your products or services to triumph.

Give them proof. Let them know why you’re convinced people will buy them and you’re sure to win them over!

Target Market
Of course, having excellent products or services to sell won’t be enough to make your business survive, much less profit. You’re sure to impress potential private investors more if you come prepared with a list of well-thought-of strategies and tactics for marketing your products and services. They want to see how well you comprehend your target market and how effective and efficient you are at applying your knowledge to generate profit for your business.

Think rate and term. Firstly, they want to know exactly how long it would take them to recoup their investment. Secondly, they want to know how much more they can earn from their investment. Approximate figures won’t do. You need to calculate the odds, provide projected figures, and tell them simply if they can become richer – or poorer – because of your startup business.



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