Help Your Startup Home Business with Creative Marketing Strategies

Your low startup home business may not have as much resources as your bigger competitors, but that doesnít mean you canít earn as much profit as they do. Use the creative marketing strategies below to make your business generate gigantic returns.

Take advantage of the holidays.
Holidays give people a valid reason to spend more than usual and itís a reason that most grasp eagerly with both hands. You need to take advantage of this by offering special products, services, or promos.

Christmas, for instance, is the season of giving and as such, if your home business can offer products that make perfect Christmas gifts, your business is sure to enjoy fantastic sales during the holidays.

Valentineís Day, on the other hand, is a time for romance so you need to focus on pleasing customers not as individuals but as couples. Your strategies will be even more effective if your low startup home business can offer products with distinctive offers for boyfriends and girlfriends, engaged couples, and married couples. Consider as well those who are still in the dating stage as well as those who are planning to get back together.

Interact with your customers.
You need to strengthen and deepen the relationship between your business and its customers.

Many businesses use blogs to interact with their customers, but you can make your blog more effective by giving it a creative layout. Creativity can also be seen in the purposes it serves. Instead of merely posting entries and encouraging readers to post comments how about including polls in your entries?

Blogs are an avenue for you and your customers to bond. Scour the news for relevant reports that will be of interest to your target market. Post them on your blog then ask them the usual if-youíre-in-their-shoes questions.

Hold contests.
Donít be lazy and make do with raffles and the usual question-and-answer contests. Make things more creative and your readers will be excited to join them not just for the prizes alone but also for the entertainment value.

Storytelling contests are fun and wildly entertaining. If you have an online jewelry shop, for instance, you can ask your readers to create the most romantic or adventurous legend for famous gems like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Design contests are just as popular. Going back to the online jewelry sample, you can ask customers to contribute their own jewelry designs.

Prizes for the competition donít have to be exceptionally expensive. In most cases, anything would do as long as itís free and attractive to your customers.

Make a program.
There are two ways for you to create a program for your low startup home business: firstly, you can create a show by regularly uploading videos on YouTube. Secondly, you can have your own ďradioĒ show by regularly uploading podcasts online.

Uploading videos in YouTube is for free. Video marketing is extremely effective for all kinds of businesses because customers can see, read, and listen to your message. You must, however, make sure that your content takes advantage of the extensive AV effects offered by videos. As for podcasts, you simply need to prioritize both content and sound quality.

Talk show format is the most popular reporting style used for marketing videos and podcasts. You donít need to invite famous personalities as guests. You just need to discuss the most interesting and popular topics and your shows can help make your low startup home business profit!



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