Dog training - how to train your dog.

Dog training may seem cruel if your little pup dog is chewing because he is teething. However, giving him frozen rawhide bones is a wonderful way to begin breaking this habit. Dog training does not have to be an excruciating painful task, it can actually be quite enjoyable, if it is done appropriately. It is always very important for a dog owner to understand that dog training is not going to h

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Dog training classes offered in your home in one-hour sessions, OR group sessions with a (4) dog maximum. Typically, a five-session dog training class will make instant changes in your dog's behavior. Dog training opens up many lines of communication between you and your dog. This communication is necessary to instruct your dog about what you want them to do at all times. Dog training is a lifelong process. You should make sure it is done the right way to achieve the best outcome for your entire family.

Puppies are fuzzy little sponges and should meet other puppies and pet parents in a safe environment. Bring your puppy and come join the fun! Puppies are innately more fearful of new things during the period from 10 to 12 weeks, which makes it harder for them to adapt to a new home.

Positive methods is an intricate part of our recipe for a well-trained dog. Positive methods are very effective in helping you train your dog into a confident and well-behaved companion. We use lure-reward methods coupled with the use of an event marker - a click or the verbal marker "yes" - to achieve superior results.

Nature isn't random and animals don't figure things out according to a mental frame of reference. In the animal mind, things absorb and conduct emotion, or they reflect and interrupt the flow of emotion. Naturally, thereís also the additional benefit of having your pet respect you more sometimes, so when you are saying "no," heíll feel more like he needs to listen. If you teach your dog on your own or with aid from a pro, itís so far easier to enjoy your pet when you have established boundaries for your dog companion. Nature is our best teacher. Our gentle, motivational and proven training programs are based on the natural language and interaction found in pack structure.