Google Video

Google Video uses an advanced form of progressive download which means that no matter your bandwidth you'll be able to watch the video (it may take a while to download enough of the clip if your connection is slow). The problem with progressive download is that if you have a 2 hour clip and want to jump 90 minutes in you have to wait until that part has downloaded. Google video outclasses you t

ube by miles. There is so much crap on you tube now I hate it. Google video ads can be found all over the Internet. Google actually pays web masters to run their as on their various web sites and every one earns money.

Google Video for business uses the same infrastructure that powers YouTube. In our call Google noted that YouTube currently has 13hrs of video uploaded per minute! Google Video appeared to be an experiment, a toe in the water of commercial content commerce. It has had relatively few subscribers, is clearly not strategic to the company, and is in many ways antithetical to the YouTube model. Google Video uses Flash as a decent common denominator, cross-platform, interactive media transport.

Google Video Viewer enables you to search a growing archive of televised content; everything from sports to dinosaur documentaries to news shows. Just type in your search term .

YouTube, Google, and Apple do not endorse or support this project in any way. Use at your own risk. YouTube, Google Video and the array of other upload sites may be something of a phenomenon lately, but there is no way users are conducting more video searches than they are Web, Image, News, and Blog combined. I think CacheLogic, who happens to sell 'media delivery systems', picked some funny wording there. YouTube Robot allows you to search for videos using keywords or browse video by category, author, channel, language, tags, etc. When you find something noteworthy, you can preview the video right in YouTube Robot and then download it onto the hard disk drive.

YouTube is a constant reminder that some people have no shame and even Google's search technology can't make the site tremendously more useful, especially for business users. Youtube apparently changed something and broke the way everyone was downloading videos. It's still possible though because I've been to a website that gives you a link to the FLV. YouTube’s search will be monetized quicker and more effectively.