Ride as an Observer in an Air Ambulance

Are you an EMT in search of a great educational experience? If so, pack your bags and bring some warm clothes, because you are headed off to Alaska. With a little planning, you can ride along inside an air ambulance as an observer. Imagine this opportunity.

As an observer on the air ambulance, you will not be expected to perform any medical duties or life-saving techniques, but you may be asked to assist by carrying medical equipment and restocking the aircraft between flights. So, you are wondering how you can sign up for this opportunity of a lifetime?

To make arrangements to ride along as an observer in an air ambulance, you first must contact Warbelows in Fairbanks, Alaska. Warbelows is the oldest and most experienced critical care air ambulance service. As a community outreach program, Warbelows has decided to make this ride along opportunity available to you. Where else can you observe such exciting and educational medical care while touring Alaska?

Yes, you can bring along your camera. The majestic view of Alaska from the air is unparalleled. If you are interested in taking photos inside the air ambulance, do please keep patient privacy in mind.

Warbelows services interior Alaska. Thirty villages look to Warbelows for medical assistance. Also, the air ambulance offers transport between Anchorage and Seattle hospitals. With this coverage area, you are sure to gain flight experience during the appointed shift.

The air ambulance aircraft is a Cheyenne II XL twin jet-prop aircraft. The aircraft is pressurized. This quiet air ambulance is capable of flying high altitudes to soar above the weather. With a cruising speed of 300 miles per hour, this flying critical care machine can get to patients speedily. The crew strives for a thirty minute launch time and quick arrival to ensure the highest quality in patient care.

The flight crew is caring and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crew is trained in critical care. Training meetings occur twice a month to further train and educate the medical staff to meet certification requirements.

During any downtime between flights, you can use your time to learn and ask questions. Observers are given educational information to check out and study between flying missions. Regardless of the hours actually spent in the air during a shift, you will walk away from this opportunity with an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Upon your arrival home you can share the ins and outs of your observational experience with your colleagues.

Any medical staff with an interest in emergency care, critical care, or air ambulance service will be delighted by Warbelow's community outreach opportunity to ride along in an air ambulance as an observer. This experience is not only exciting, but educational.

Contact Warbelow today to schedule your appointed shift to ride along as an observer. Grab your uniform and your camera. You will soon be experiencing the ride of a lifetime in an air ambulance. This is an experience that you can hold onto for a lifetime.



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