Children Tour Air Ambulance Helicopter

We have all seen and heard the choppers overhead. The familiar sight and sound tells us that the air ambulance helicopter is heading off on another medical mission. Each time the air ambulance flies by, everyone's curiosity is peaked. Both children and adults will stare and stretch their necks to snag a glimpse of the air ambulance. There is just something exciting about an air ambulance that consumes us and nabs our attention.

Young children, in particular, have an interest in things like a fire truck or police car. Imagine their excitement when they can take a closer look at an air ambulance. The kids will wander up and stare wide-eyed at the bird. The mere size of the chopper up close is amazing to the youngsters.

Many communities have made arrangements for the local air ambulance helicopter to be on display at community events and safety expos. Children and adults alike peer inside this marvelous machine for a glance at the medical wonder. This rare opportunity is not only educational, but memorable, for the children as well.

It is sad, but true that more and more people need the service of an air ambulance. This unique opportunity to experience the air ambulance up close is not only interesting and educational, but helps to inform children about the benefits of being careful and practicing excellent safety habits. It is wise to use the tour of the air ambulance as an opening to communication about health and safety messages.

The experience of touring an air ambulance may also allow the opportunity for the children to meet the flight crew and medical staff. Getting to know community heroes is an excellent experience for children. Teachers can use this opportunity for children to write a letter to the crew or other heroes in the local community. Older children may find the experience intriguing and be interested in learning more about volunteering or becoming an EMT. Grasping a child's natural curiosity could lead to a career in the medical field or as a pilot in the years to come.

If your community has not set up an opportunity to tour an air ambulance, then consider checking into this as a project through school, Scouts, or other organizations.

For older children, it may be possible to schedule a chance to ride in the air ambulance as an observer. High school students interested in a medical career may relish the opportunity to job shadow in this position.

Tap into children's interests to educate by touring an air ambulance helicopter. Utilize the experience to meet the requirements for a safety demonstration, health badge or project, or simply for fun. Children of all ages seem to be intrigued about this marvelous medical machine.

Touring and examining an air ambulance may inspire youngsters to peruse a career in the medical field. Speaking directly with the flight crew and medical staff can help children to realize their own potential to help others. There are numerous benefits to children who take advantage of the opportunity to tour an air ambulance.



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