Benefits of NICU Air Ambulance Services

A medical mission is always an important flight. The crew on an air ambulance takes each and every flight to heart and treats the patient as if they were one of the family. This fact is never more true than when the air ambulance contains a NICU patient.

There are few things in life scarier than knowing your child is in distress. The sight of a tiny newborn attached to wires and leads, tubes and IV drips, can be extremely disturbing. As new parents, such a vision tends to stab into their hearts, but rest assured that the tiny baby is in good hands. If the doctor orders travel via an air ambulance for the infant, know that the child will be receiving continuous medical monitoring and treatment during the entire trip, from bedside to bedside.

Each air ambulance specially staffed for NICU treatment has all the appropriate medical tools and equipment to do the job. Whether the NICU is on the ground or in the air, newborns receive the best care possible. Don't fret that the child will be traveling with just a single nurse or basic EMT. In many cases, an entire NICU team will escort the child to the destination. Not for a mere second will the baby be lacking appropriate medical attention and care.

The equipment on board an air ambulance includes ventilators, cardiac monitoring and treatment devices, and other specialized equipment to handle any emergency. The flying NICU in the air ambulance is well equipped and staffed for the mission at hand.

In many cases, the mother and father may accompany the child during the air ambulance flight. Although in some rare instances this may not be the case, it is encouraged whenever possible. The doctors and staff know the benefits of the parent and child bond. Rest assured that all efforts will be made to include parents during each step of the process of transport whenever it is deemed medically feasible. If for some reason, a parent or parents must stay behind, know that it is in the best interest of the child at such a critical time.

When travel by a conventional ambulance is not enough, an air ambulance is called in to transport the patient safely and quickly to the desired destination. In some cases, this flight may be several hundred miles or halfway around the globe. Regardless of the point of origin or the destination, air ambulance travel is a safe alternative for patients. This is true for any NICU patient requiring special transport and monitoring.

Although the air ambulance is equipped with devices and tools for adult patients, the special needs of NICU patients are met, as well. Each and every flight on an air ambulance is specifically staffed with the appropriate medical team to suit the situation. All pertinent medical equipment is on board the aircraft to treat the NICU patient safely and effectively.

Any parent learning that their child requires air ambulance transport can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the air ambulance is well-suited for the job. The equipment and staff on board the flight transform the aircraft into a flying NICU that can handle any emergency.



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