The Ultimate Adventure Vacation in France

Many people who go on a vacation in France go straight to Paris without realizing that there equally interesting places in the country. One of which is called 'Rodez' a perfect adventure vacation destination. The place is a charming, medieval town that can be found in the Midi-Pyrénées' Aveyron region, southwestern of France.

Rodez is considered as a regional capital but not attracting so many tourists because there is fewer boosts in commercialization. However, for those who are into adventure and exploration a place that is rich in culture and history, Rodez is an ideal place because it will satisfy the need for a venue that is quite but relaxing.

One of the things that are unique to Rodez is the monuments made of stone that surround the countryside. It is also equally furnished with very rich architecture that includes churches, abbeys, menhirs, fortresses, dolmen tombs, and medieval castles brought about by the settling of the Romans as early as the 1st century BC, and the presence of the Knights Templar at the early Middle Ages.

What is truly charming about the place is that it is originally located above a river. The presence of red sandstone Cathedrale Notre Dame which is one of the first Gothic buildings in Southern France and also considered as a French architectural icon also makes the place very interesting for history lovers.

For those who have an eye for photography and architecture, visiting the two main town squares—the Place de la Cite and the Place du Bourg is a must. The construction of the two make them very interesting because they are linked using a network of medieval streets that are lined up with buildings made of stone, historic alleyways and Gothic wall art and other masterpieces made from 10 to the 14th century.

To make the adventure vacation complete in Rodez, don’t forget to visit the 17th century Episcopal Palace, the Romanesque church of St. Amans, the Renaissance hotel, and the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre as well as the Roman aqueduct.

Things to consider

To ensure that you will enjoy the ultimate adventure vacation trip, you must know very well what are the things that you should pay attention to. Here are some of the things that you should very well keep in mind before going on an adventure vacation in Rodez, France:

1. Time you are planning to go. This is very important because it will entail the other details of your trip. If you want to know which month is the safest to go, conduct a simple research about the place first. It is up to you to choose which part of the year is convenient for your schedule as well of the others who will go on the trip.

Although any time within the year has its own activities to offer, some who already went there prefer fall and spring because these provides the most beautiful scenery of the place.

2. People who will you go with. This is also significant because they will play a huge role in your entire trip. If you are planning to go an adventure vacation in Rodez, make sure that you invite those whom you can share the same interests and inclination.

Rodez is not a matter of acquired taste; it is a must that people who will go there are into history and enjoying serene medieval places to enjoy the vacation.



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